What You Will Learn

  • cropped-cropped-logo_1551.png In this course, we’ll discuss the benefits to owning an online business and if it’s right for you. We’ll also discuss the foundations–from licensing to finding the perfect web host.
  • cropped-cropped-logo_1551.png Now that you’ve decided to start an online business, it’s time to decide what type of business. ECommerce, Content, Hosting, Membership, Affiliate or Services. Inside, we’ll provide an overview of them all and what you can expect.
  • cropped-cropped-logo_1551.png A vast majority of websites are built using WordPress.  Learn to install, configure and maintain a wordpress site with free and premium themes and plugins.  
  • cropped-cropped-logo_1551.pngNow that you have an awesome site, what will you write about?  Should you use video?  What should you write about?   Don’t worry–we’ve got you covered!
  • cropped-cropped-logo_1551.pngIf a tree falls in the forest.. Now that you have content, you need eyeballs to visit your site to read it.  There are tons of different ways to get visitors. and we’ll help you navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of traffic generation.
  • cropped-cropped-logo_1551.pngFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pintrest, Podcasts–yikes!  You have to go where the people are, and generally speaking, these are the properties you should focus on.  But how do you do it all efficiently and with style?  We’ll guide you the entire way.
  • cropped-cropped-logo_1551.pngDoing all of this shouldn’t be expensive.  There are tons of free (and reasonable priced) resources out there.  We’ll track them down and keep you updated.